Delivering a High Specification Lighting Solution on a Budget

Our Client

Lai Fung Holdings has accumulated many years of real estate development experience. Palm Rainbow Garden is the firms first Hong Kong project, covering an area of 355 acres. Comprising 600,000m2 the plans include housing, art villas, commercial centres, clubs and leisure facilities which will be integrated into surrounding communities. The Palm Springs Hotel project was a significant element of this project.

The Challenge

The contractors responsible for external spaces, landscaping and site presentation had not fully considered the façade and landscape lighting required for the project. Lighting is an important component of the project, both for night-time safety and to enhance the sense of place that is created. With a limited budget they still needed to find a solution which would deliver impressive results. That’s when they got in touch with us.

The Solution

We worked with the contractors to develop a solution which would fit their budget. We shared examples of similar projects we have completed and talked to them about the best ways to achieve the desired results. Once we had a shared understanding of the overall vision for the project, we provided an initial quotation and sent some lighting samples so that these could be tested in situ to confirm their requirements.

The contractors quickly came back to us to confirm they were happy with our proposed approach, which included recommendations for power requirements, lighting locations and control systems.

The Results

The project has been hugely successful. The contractors have been able to deliver a lighting solution on budget and more quickly than they had originally anticipated. The end result has created a stunning lighting arrangement which complements the overall project perfectly.

About Us

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