Customizable Landscape Spotlights

As an assembly of LEDs, our landscape spotlights are powerful, long-lasting models that help shine light on outdoor environments. The low power requirements of our LED spotlights appeal to the market as they come at affordable costs. Customize the color temperature and beam angle(from 8° to 120°) of our lights. Adding motion sensors to our products can improve security. We offer on-site technical support for large orders. Avail of our warranty policy that covers up to three years so that you can return defective products at no cost.

Outdoor Landscape Spotlights

Ideal for gardens, streets, squares and parks, our Landscape spotlights are able to enhance the appeal of natural features in the environment. Because of their far reach, our spotlights are helpful in providing security in large areas with added motion sensors. Customization of size, color, beam angle and color temperatures are possible through our technical support services.

What’s The Difference Between Flood Light And Landscape Spotlight?

Flood lights can spread up to 120 degrees that help in lighting large areas with the same wattage and lumen output as spotlights. While both spotlights and flood lights serve to increase visibility in large areas, our spotlights have a narrower beam angle that is less than 45 degrees. With their focused light, our easily-controlled spotlights can help highlight specific spots in the streets and around important structures. Take a look at our gallery.

Let Us Help With Your Landscape And Facade Lighting Project!

Our company has 6 engineers that have been in the industry for 12 years to make your projects more sustainable. We provide you with photometric analysis to contribute to the success of your project. Looking into the possibilities that spotlights offer, we help customize our lights according to what you need. Contact our experts and get the best solutions for your projects.

Light Up Your Landscape And Architecture. Light Up Your Business.

R&C Lighting focuses on providing the best landscape and facade lighting fixtures and solutions for clients who values efficiency and quality.

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