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Our Client

Our client had been commissioned to work on a ancient building project. The objectives of the project were to illuminate and visually enhance key elements of the City’s built heritage during the hours of darkness whilst contributing to extending visitor dwell time to the City throughout the year.

The Challenge

This was a complex project because careful design and planning was essential to ensure that the lighting solution delivered the project brief without impacting negatively on the buildings themselves, or on the surrounding area. Numerous challenges were involved including installation, managing light pollution and mitigating the impact on local wildlife.

The Solution

We developed a comprehensive solution for this client which was designed to enhance and accentuate the most important buildings and structures.

It would have been impossible to illuminate every aspect of every building, and it wasn’t desirable to do so. This would mean some architectural detail would be hidden from view, but we would be able to focus on the most impressive and significant details of each building.

To achieve this, we designed a solution which would emphasise large features such as columns, arches and string courses, focussing on the rhythm of each building’s composition while paying particular attention to the overall façade.

To avoid unnecessary light pollution a number of different setups were tested including backlighting and cross lighting, though neither of these were used in the final delivery of the project.

We also needed to consider the impact on wildlife which roost in and around these buildings, including bords and bats. To ensure our installation would have minimal impact a wildlife habitat survey was undertaken which considered reproduction, hibernation, flight paths and entry points so that these would not be adversely affected by the installation.

The Results

Our work helped to deliver an incredibly powerful project which has made a significant contribution to the growth of tourism and the wider impacts of regeneration in Derry.

The installation was completed without any impact on the historic fabric of the buildings or on the local wildlife.

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