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Our LED strip lights have custom optics that ensure smooth, uniform light distribution in order to eliminate any weak spots. operate at 12V or 24V DC You are free to customize the beam angle(normally 60° and 120°) and color temperature or add motion sensors to improve the aesthetic and security features of LED strip lights. We deliver our lights within 7-15 days. Our warranty of 3 years also ensures that you can return defective products for free.

Outdoor LED Strip Lights

Our LED strip lights work best for stadiums, airports, and architects to help accentuate the natural beauty while providing security. Flexible for decoration, our strip lights help draw attention to any feature and add ambience to your overall outdoor lighting layout. You can customize our lights by their size and color and add motion sensors to help secure any area. Check out how we ensure the top quality of LED strip lights.

A Wide Range Of Color And Brightness

With a 100-120lm/W lumen output, our LED strip lights are able to provide comfortable and even light distribution. A consistent color temperature ranging from 2700K to 6500K makes our strip lights an excellent choice for highlighting natural sceneries and industrial areas. From warm white to bright white, our weather-resistant strip lights enable the user to choose any color for different applications.

Benefits Of Our LED Strip Lights

When we make our LED strip lights, we make use of an integrated led light source to reduce costs. Helping out our cost-saving capabilities is the way our lights are rated for 50000 hours to save on energy and thus making them environmentally friendly. Our lights are suitable for wet locations as they do well under a working temperature of up to 50°. View our gallery and see where you can use LED strip lights.

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