Outdoor In-ground Well Lights

R&C space-saving LED in-ground lights can be designed to fit any needs with our complete ODM/OEM services. We can adjust the beam angle(from 15° to 60°), color temperature of the lights, watts as well as add a motion sensor function. You are guaranteed a short lead time of only 7-15 days on your orders, ensuring you can meet high demands ahead of your competitors. We also add value to your large orders by providing on-site technical support and three-year warranty coverage.

Low Voltage LED In-ground Well Lights

As the name suggests, our in-ground well lights fixture is submerged completely in the ground with the lamp pointing upwards. The design blends our fixture to your clients’ outdoor space while providing accent lighting to their garden, streets, squares, parks, or lawns. We also provide a full customization service on our LED in-ground lights such as lamp size, beam angle, color, and color temperature.

What Are The Benefits Of In-ground Well Lights?

Our LED in-ground well lights are safe since it only runs on 12-volts of electricity while providing an optimum amount of lighting. Each of our in-ground fixtures has a superior lifespan because of its efficient heat dissipation to avoid damaging temperatures. Our LED in-ground lights also have an IP67 enclosure to protect it from rainwater and snow. View our gallery  and gain inspiration for your project.

Well Lights Or In-ground Well Lights?

Despite the name, there is no difference between good lights and in-ground well lights. R&C still offers a wide variety of in-ground fixtures that can accentuate or improve your landscape. We design our fixtures to allow an unobtrusive view of your outdoor space design while providing the space with sufficient lighting. Our team can find the right LED in-ground light that fits your clients’ space.

Light Up Your Landscape And Architecture. Light Up Your Business.

R&C Lighting focuses on providing the best landscape and facade lighting fixtures and solutions for clients who values efficiency and quality.

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