We Manufacture And Customize Pixel LED Lights

R&C offers a comprehensive ODM/OEM service on our pixel led lights such as the watts(including 1W, 2W, and 3W) and color temperature. You can also incorporate motion sensors to make your pixel lights stand out in the market. We add value to your bulk orders of our customizable pixel led lights by having a short lead time of only 7 to 15 days. You also receive a full after-sales service such as on-site technical support and five-year warranty coverage.

About Pixel LED Lights

Our pixel LED lights are a programmable group of miniature lamps that can create vibrant and colorful lighting effects with different patterns. The versatile display makes our pixel LED suitable for advertisements displays, LED screens, and billboards for efficient marketing purposes. R&C team of customizable-experienced staff manufactures our pixel LED lights in dust-free workshops to ensure they meet your performance expectations.

Why Choose Our Pixel LED Lights?

All of our pixel LED lights can create more than 16 million different colors through its RGB elements with consistent brightness. Our pixel lights can also withstand the rain with its IP68 waterproof housing. R&C’s experienced team helps you make different types of display with our advanced programmable driver chip and various controllers for our pixel LED lights.

Other Options For Outdoor Landscape And Facade Lighting

Our pixel LED lights are for outdoor spaces such as linear lighting for decorations or pathway lights within gardens and yards. By combining our pixel light strips with LED spotlights, you can provide focused lighting to your clients. You can diversify your market reach with our flexible pixel LED lights that can attract various kinds of demographics to your business.

Light Up Your Landscape And Architecture. Light Up Your Business.

R&C Lighting focuses on providing the best landscape and facade lighting fixtures and solutions for clients who values efficiency and quality.

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