We Manufacture And Customize LED Wall Washers

Get wholesale quality LED wall washers from R&C Lighting that fit your specific needs. Everything can be customized with these LED lights, including beam angles(from 8° to 10x60°), color temperatures(from 2700K to 6500K), watts, and motion sensors. All of our LED wall washers are covered by a five-year warranty, with replacement for defective lights done free of charge. We are also happy to provide on-site technical support and assistance for large quantity order installations.

We Are A Leading Landscape And Facade Lighting Manufacturer

R&C Lighting is a leader and innovator in producing a wide range of LED lighting products that suit different applications. Our LED wall washers, linear lights, and other landscape and facade lighting items are made on dust free workshops, ensuring clean and clear lighting. These lights are also guaranteed waterproof, opting the use of premium silicone bars to fill gaps in the dust-free manufacturing​ rather than standard glue that is prone to leakage.

Reliable Landscape And Facade Lighting

Landscape and facade lighting fixtures from R&C Lighting are powered by 12V LED lights that are both easy to install and require lower maintenance costs. Manufactured by Cree and Osram, these LED lights are guaranteed to have long service life with high lumens for an efficient lighting experience. Quality drivers from Mean Well and Donlim installed in the system ensure good and consistent dissipation with every use.

Landscape And Facade Lighting For Beauty, Safety And Security

Our range of landscape and facade lighting fixtures are ideal for nighttime lighting and work well in illuminating decks, patios, gardens, and other outdoor areas. With adjustable beam angles, our linear lights, spotlights, wall washers and pathway lights provide the best lighting effect for the selected area of the house. Check out our gallery here​. They require minimal maintenance, allowing for consistent and continuous use without risks of short-circuiting.

Light Up Your Landscape And Architecture. Light Up Your Business.

R&C Lighting focuses on providing the best landscape and facade lighting fixtures and solutions for clients who values efficiency and quality.

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