We Offer The Best LED Pathway Lights

R&C LED pathway lights can be customized to fit your specific requirements such as its color watts( including 5W, 7W, 9W, 12W) and beam angle. A motion sensor option is also available for superior power efficiency on our lighting solution. Leave your competitors behind by meeting lighting demands with our short lead-time of 7-15 days. Each LED pathway lights comes with a three-year warranty and on-site technical support for installation as well as other troubleshooting purposes. We also replace any defective unit for free.

Low Voltage Pathway Lights

You can create amazing accent lighting with our LED pathway lights for patios, porches, and yards. Our lamps can also illuminate paths to ensure the safety. We have a full range of customization options for our our high quality LED pathway lights such as the lamp size, color, color temperature, beam angle, and motion sensor feature. Achieve your business goal with our custom LED pathway lights.

Features And Benefits Of LED Pathway Lights

Our LED pathway lights utilize the IP65 waterproof enclosure to withstand low-pressure spray of water and aluminum housing to resist high temperatures. With its resiliency against any weather conditions, our pathway fixtures are suitable for multiple outdoor spaces. The led-powered component of our LED pathway lights can also help your clients cut energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint. Our fixtures are built to consume less power while providing a superior level of illumination.

We Offer Pathway Lighting Solutions For Various Industries

R&C has been offering affordable and reliable pathway lighting to different businesses. We have six engineers with 12 years of working in the lighting industry who can find the right solution for your needs. Our team‘s professional solutions come from the photometric analysis of your clients’ space. The data ensures our lighting solution fits their needs.

Light Up Your Landscape And Architecture. Light Up Your Business.

R&C Lighting focuses on providing the best landscape and facade lighting fixtures and solutions for clients who values efficiency and quality.

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