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Our Client

Our client had been commissioned to work on a vast bridge project. The project's objectives were to illuminate and visually enhance vital elements of the bridge during the hours of darkness while contributing to making it a landmark of the city.

The Challenge

The bridge is an impressive architectural feat of engineering. It is destinated to become a feature of the city's riverscape. Still, to maximize its effect, a solution was needed to illuminate the bridge at night in a way that would allow it to stand out from the rest of the city lights.

The Solution

Using high-powered linear lights, we could fully illuminate, without interruption, the complete outline of the bridge.  To capture particular features and backlight other features of the bridge, several floodlights were strategically positioned.

The incredible color-changing effects we have achieved are managed through a DMX512 control system which allows us to change the RGBW spectrum, allowing the bridge to be illuminated in any color! This feature enables the city to use the bridge to celebrate special events and occasions without installing temporary lighting solutions.

The Results

The results of our lighting solution are stunning, turning the bridge into an impressive landmark that shines across the city at night. We have already featured in marketing and promotional publications and created a new icon for CITY.

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