Modern And Functional Outdoor Wall Lighting

Our impact-resistant LED wall lights are fit for any modern home to have and can be easily installed. Consisting of high-quality metal, our lights withstand harsh weather conditions and offer brightness for long periods. Available in a variety of designs, our lights possess various customization options for beam angle(from 8° to 120°) and color temperature(2700K to 6500K). We offer on-site technical support and discounts for large orders. With a 3-year warranty, you can easily return defective products for free.

LED Outdoor Wall Lights

Our outdoor wall lights complement any kind of open plan settings due to their UV stabilized frosted acrylic lensing that resist harsh conditions. As they are made out of concrete and aluminum, our industry-grade wall lights possess long-lasting strength and durability. Helpful for walls, our lights can be customized to improve their beam angle and color temperature and can be outfitted with motion sensors.

Why Choose Our Outdoor Wall Lights?

Our outdoor wall lights help highlights landscape features through the excellent light distribution. Using only low voltage light sources, our outdoor wall lights of the highest quality are able to save much more energy and help reduce your costs overall. With an adjustable beam angle, you can use our wall lights as up or down lights. Get a hold of multiple accessories that can help embellish your wall lights.

Various Finishes For Outdoor Wall Lights

Helping every set of wall lights shine in any environment, we offer black, bronze, white, nickel, or chrome-polished finishes. Our assortment of finishes allows our lights to last longer under any condition. We also offer customization service for your project in order to improve its overall quality. You may also ask our experts for their advice on how to install and make full use of our outdoor wall lights.

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